Energy Saving Technologies

Enigin Partners is an Australian distributor for a number of best-in-class technologies from manufacturers in the UK who are at the forefront of the energy management industry. We use their expertise and experience to enable us to offer smart solutions used globally by the world’s most forward–thinking businesses, including 7-Eleven, CBRE, Shell, Q8, Circle K, SAS, Novozymes, Cummings, and KFC

Enigin Partners also has strategic alliances with a select group of Australian efficiency suppliers and specialists working collectively to deliver world-class services and technologies. We can source and project manage the installation & commissioning of innovative technologies and leading edge solutions proven in Europe, USA and Australia and providing you with quick paybacks.

We can also tailor programs so that current service providers continue in their existing service delivery role


Energy management technology

Up to 25% Energy Savings

Eniscope is probably the most complete management solution in the world for identifying waste and eliminating costs.

It combines unmatched hardware with a class leading software platform in one holistic solution


Retrofit refrigeration technology

Up to 25% Energy Savings

The key issue is that refrigeration units are set to a temperature to maintain via a basic thermostat measuring air temperature, and the compressor unit of that fridge is cycled and off to maintain it.

On the face of it, this is sensible. But what really matters – the air temperature in the cabinet, or the food temperature?
Significant energy is wasted cycling your fridges on simply to maintain air temperature when the food itself is still at an ideal temperature.

CUES solves that issue by simulating food temperature. As a result fridges cycle on for longer, but far less frequently as needed to maintain food temperature.
This obvious but clever approach reduces your energy use (and bills) without affecting performance


Retrofit air-conditioning technology

Up to 35% Energy Savings

Air conditioning is the top culprit in energy and money wastage for commercial businesses.

Most of the year they are far too big for what they need to do and are over-active, which is where ACES comes in.
This smart piece of tech interrupts the normal but unintelligent on-off cycling and automatically controls your compressor to achieve the desired air temperature more efficiently.

This obvious but clever approach means it reduces your energy use (and bills) without affecting performance


Intelligent lighting technology

Up to 95% Energy Savings (Yes, 95%)

IntelliLED is redefining industrial lighting with intelligent LED lighting systems that deliver unmatched energy savings, flexibility and unique value to commercial and industrial customers.

Proven in hundreds of facilities to reduce lighting energy use by up to 95%, the patented system is setting the standard for industrial lighting in both retrofits and new construction.

Lighting is one of the major contributors to corporate energy bills. For warehouse and distribution facilities and factories that have not yet made the switch to efficient lighting and controls, getting both products in a package will lead to significant improvements in energy efficiency in a single project

powerPerfector iQ

Intelligent voltage optimisation

Up to 10% Energy Savings

The powerPerfector optimiser alters the variable incoming supply voltage to a lower fixed one. It’s the fastest, most accurate and precise control technology on the market.

The iQ has overcomes the increasing risk of greater supply volatility, phase imbalance and increased transients and harmonics due to the explosion of multiple renewable feeds onto the network.


Insulated rapid doors

Up to 15% Energy Savings

Nergeco Flexible Motorised Traffic Doors are designed for busy applications AND the highest energy efficiency.

Nergeco’s R& D have introduced a unique system. It uses horizontal stiffening tubes to press the flexible curtain sides firmly into the vertical guides on both sides providing an air tight seal and reliable operation. Doors are self relocating should the curtain be dislodged. And the complete door frame is manufactured from a multi composite material for impact resistance, reliability & food safety.

Durable, flexible curtain materials and soft bottom edges provide OH&S features plus the highest performance and record of low maintenance.

Doors are 100% insulated to provide the highest level of insulation – rated at U= 2.38W/m2.K.


Advanced technologies

Through Enigin Partners and our associates you can access a wide range of leading and highly effective technologies which will ensure you reduce your energy consumption and costs, and maximize operational efficiency; these include:

  • LED lighting
  • EC motors & fans
  • Motor controls
  • Refrigeration controls
  • Weather optimised HVAC control services
  • Extract and supply fan controls
  • Cool roof coatings
  • Cool window technology
  • Solar technologies

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