Eniscope Multisite

Multi-Site Energy Management Platform

One platform ready now to link 2 to 2000 sites

If you imagine your business being able to see, study and understand your energy use across an unlimited number of sites.

Eniscope is probably the most complete energy management solution in the world for identifying waste and eliminating costs. It combines unmatched hardware with a class leading software platform in one holistic solution.

The complete, pre-engineered retrofit solution

And when it comes to remote multi-site monitoring and targeting, Eniscope comes into a league of its own.

Suddenly all of your energy information is available in one location, disaggregated and reinterpreted into a language you can understand, be It kW’s, carbon or cost. Information is power, and Eniscope puts the power back In your control.

Managing energy use of disparate assets across a whole or multiple regions or countries is normally challenging. However Eniscope can provide a unique set of benefits in this type of application.

Regular comparison of energy performances quickly identifies the most effective energy management strategies within top performing branches and makes it much easier to replicate these successes across an entire estate be that 100s or 1000s of comparative facilities.

Eniscope provides you with the full range of monitoring, alarm, analytical, scheduling and reporting functionality as standard – all from within its own proprietary cloud-interface – no reliance on third-party BMS systems.

100% compatible with almost any BMS /FACM system

Eniscope is also 100% compatible with almost any BMS or FACM system – with no software development required. Established API make integration very simple and stable; you can extract data for any Eniscope channel in the data range and resolution you

Eniscope Your Multi-Site Energy Management Platform you can extract data for any Eniscope channel in the data range and resolution you require, making Eniscope data available and usable for decision making within your BMS system itself.

Enhances your investment in 3rd Party meters

Eniscope BACnet convertors enable you to enhance the value of your previous investment in 3rd party metering by integrating their data into Eniscope Analytics to full advantage of Analytics graphics, displays and automated reporting for enhanced decision making.

  • Ideal for industrial & commercial retrofit
  • Fully featured
  • Designed for lowest cost of ownership
  • Ready now to link 2 to 2,000 sites

Multisite Advanced Feature Options

  • Powerful metering system – from 4 to 400 3-phase metering points
  • Choice of current transformers – from 30A to 6000A
  • 3G wireless broadband options for remote and temporary monitoring
  • Modular design for quick, simple installation
  • Requires no engineering design or commissioning
  • Advanced cloud-based data warehousing – pre-engineered
  • System operational immediately out-of-the-box
  • API & BACnet convertors provide 100% integration with BMS systems & 3rd meters
  • Powerful analytics platform included – accessible from any laptop, iPad or smartphone
  • Simple, clear user interface designed for use by CEOs, CFOs, engineering, operations staff
  • Multi-site hierarchical management & reporting system
  • Options to manage all your services: electricity, gas, water, temp & more; lot connectivity
  • Fully automated daily reporting
  • Multi-site / multi-department ready
  • Integrated real-time display
  • Public & strategic display options.
  • Tailored user training with webinar, email & phone support
  • 2+ years free Australian technical support
  • 2+ year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ongoing developments to Firmware & Analytics included
  • Optional monitoring support & supplier-independent advisory services available
  • Public Displays
  • Extensive CT Range
  • Wireless IoT Sensors
  • Expert Support
  • Finance Option


"What we like the most is the ease of use of the software, that it can be used from experienced energy managers all the way to administrative staff to easily extract insight from the data. The software is constantly evolving to enhance its functionalities based on feedback from clients, Having worked with many different EMS software ranging from BMS systems to cloud services, we find Eniscope Analytics to be the most user friendly and best value "
Roberto Flores
Official Consultant to IBM SEMS
“In 2015 we were introduced to the Eniscope system, and it gave us the opportunity to monitor our energy consumption in a whole different way. I've never seen a system like it, and have recommend the Eniscope system to all seven other countries in our region”
Head of Estate Management
7-Eleven Denmark
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