Advanced energy management system

Eniscope identifies all your energy savings opportunities

Monitor buildings & plant. Control energy waste. Reduce your costs.
Eniscope is a world-leading energy monitoring and management system, used globally on commercial and industrial sites to solve the energy problems facing facilities managers, energy managers and business and building owners everywhere.

Eniscope real-time Analytics and custom reporting makes energy waste and inefficiencies highly visible and therefore manageable.

It’s a fully-featured, cloud-based system, totally pre-engineered for the lowest cost of ownership, providing you with immediate access – without any development costs all the important energy management features.

And the best-in-class technology & software is backed up by world-class customer service.
You can also add in gas, water, temperature and occupancy monitoring and much more.

This combination ensures you’ll identify all your energy waste and achieve deep and permanent savings.

Whether on a single site or across a 1,000 site portfolio.

Pre-engineered for lower cost of ownership

Eniscope is completely pre-engineered for lower cost of ownership for commercial & industrial applications.

The platform is constantly being developed, and all ongoing developments to the Analytics platform and hardware firmware are automatically included, ensuring your system always remains up-to-date – without additional cost.

  • Industrial grade hardware
  • Modular design for quick, simple installation
  • System operational immediately out-of-the-box
  • Requires no engineering design or commissioning
  • Requires zero ongoing maintenance or development
  • Pre-engineered ready to link 1 to 1000 sites
  • API to integrate with most BMS systems

Eniscope enables you to

  • Immediately target energy waste & unnecessary demand costs
  • Identify solutions & quantify savings
  • Engage with & hold accountable managers, staff & electrical contractors
  • Progressively target DEEP energy reductions & savings
  • Verify results & ongoing performance.

About the Eniscope energy management system

The Eniscope Platform identifies all your energy savings opportunities

Eniscope is probably the most complete energy management solution In the world, helping you to identify waste and eliminate costs.

It has the potential to make a massive positive impact on your business – by directly impacting on your bottom line profits.

Real Time Energy Monitoring System

Eniscope is a compact, reliable, plug-and-play system. Typically taking three hours to install on-site, with minimal disruption to your workflow, our hardware is easy to integrate and offers a perfect safety record.

At the core of our system, we offer 8 three-phase metering points per Eniscope hub, with physical connectivity for pulse and temperature inputs, as well as wireless connectivity to disruption to your workflow, our hardware is easy to integrate and offers a perfect safety record.
At the core of our system, we offer 8 three-phase metering points per Eniscope hub, with physical connectivity for pulse and temperature inputs, as well as wireless connectivity to devices and sensors. You can seamlessly connect to incumbent meters and, with our API, we can integrate easily with your BMS or CAFM system too.

Eniscope is easy and quick to install, with zero ongoing maintenance, and for many business & property managers around the world, indispensable.

Eniscope combines unmatched hardware with a class leading software platform In one holistic solution; everything you need.to manage energy effectively

  • No development or engineering required
  • Ideal for industrial & commercial retrofit

Eniscope Analytics is a very powerful platform which provides you with the full range of monitoring, alarm, analytical, scheduling and reporting functionality as standard – all from within its own proprietary cloud-interface – with no reliance on third-party BMS systems and no development costs.
View your data anywhere, in real-time, using Eniscope Analytics. With one intuitive cloud-based platform, Eniscope Analytics does it all and reports to you in an intuitive, simple way – including via our mobile app.
Our platform is built for scaling and can perfectly handle one site, but also hundreds at once – all processed and reported on in real-time.

Eniscope is cost effective because it’s:

  • Designed for quick installation and to work immediately out-of-the-box
  • Has industrial grade hardware for a long life requiring with zero maintenance
  • Always being kept current with improved firmware and software upgrades
  • Enables you to immediately target AND SUSTAIN energy waste & unnecessary demand costs
  • Tailored user training with webinar, email & phone support
  • 2+ years free Australian technical support
  • 2+ year manufacturer’s warrant
Eniscope Energy Management & Monitoring System

Eniscope's Advanced Feature Options

Eniscope enhances your current investment in BMS & meters

API make it easy to integrate Eniscope data into you BMS system. And BACnet convertors enable you to enhance the value of your previous investment metering by integrating their data into Eniscope Analytics.

Customisable public & strategic displays

The Eniscope Public Display module allows you to build custom displays that live data from any source connected to the platform. Engage customers & staff. Inspire positive behaviour. Show off your performance in real-time to staff, tenants and other stakeholders. Integrate leader boards and competitive aspects, to give stakeholders that extra push to make a difference (to your carbon footprint and your bills!). With Eniscope bespoke-designed displays strategically positioned around a site you can create awareness and modify behaviour by clearly, visually communicating key performance metrics, targets and progress. It’s an excellent way of demonstrating your commitment to fiscal & energy conservation. Eniscope also has an inbuilt real-time energy use display, available from any browser on the LAN.

Finance options

Leasing your energy efficiency improvements makes perfect business sense allowing you to immediately tackle energy waste and generate savings, all while preserving your capital for business expansion. Our associates specialise in finance for green initiatives.

Extensive range of CT options

Enigin Partners offers an extensive range of industrial grade current transformers - from 30A to 6,000A: Split Core CTs, Flexible Rope CTs, Wireless CTs, CT Extension Leads, Enigin Partners offers an extensive range of industrial grade current

Expert support

You can monitor consumption on your own or with the help of us or one of our expert global partners. And Enigin Partners analyse your energy usage and eliminate your waste. With our EnergyMaps service you can easily save 10% on your energy bills — maybe even double.

Wireless IoT sensors

Eniscope has a range of proprietary wireless sensor modules. With these you track metrics like temperature, occupancy and humidity to cross reference with your energy data for the most complete picture possible. Combine that with the Eniscope wireless control module for remote control functionality, and you have the most comprehensive energy monitoring & management hardware on the market.


"We immediately identified how we could reduce peak demand by at least 22%"
Chief Engineer
Major Queensland manufacturer
“Eniscope highlighted areas of the site which we didn’t realise were the key areas of power drain”
General Manager
Western Suburbs Leagues Club
“For a start, Eniscope has reduced our night hours consumption by 87%”
E-Learning Centre
“We are now convinced that Eniscope is an effective tool which can be used in controlling wasted energy”
Chief Engineer
Holiday Inn
“Eniscope has saved us 38% of our costs which is almost inside a 1-year payback”
Coquina Office Park
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