Your world-class energy management program for commercial & industrial sites

30-60% of all energy use is wasted

EnergyMaps tackles that waste

By far the easiest and most cost effective way of increasing the available energy globally is to eliminate waste, which means that we must get more from less. cheapest unit of electricity is the one you don’t squander.

Some 30% of all industrial & up to 60% of all commercial energy use is systematically – and needlessly – lost or wasted.

The Solution

EnergyMaps – a new holistic approach to energy efficiency – is a smart and ethical approach that is already helping companies around the world to progressively control, then reduce and finally eliminate their energy waste.
Easy to install hardware. Intuitive software. The expertise of energy management professionals. We offer the complete, end-to-end solution for energy management.

Perfect for single buildings or whole portfolios.
Our EnergyMaps service has reduced our clients energy use by up to 30% using mainly low- and no-cost means.

And we’d be happy to help eliminate the 30-60% of energy use being wasted on your sites and cut your costs.

What is EnergyMaps?

EnergyMaps is a 4 part program which targets deep energy & peak demand savings based on real-time, verifiable evidence

EnergyMaps initially targets 10 – 15% Savings – and then targets DEEP savings

ISO 50001 Energy Management

EnergyMaps is an iterative, best-practice process based on the real-time evidence provided by Eniscope sub-monitoring. The full range of energy savings opportunities can be identified, and highly practical, cost-effective solutions are the result. Savings potential is easily & accurately calculated, and actual savings can be fully verified.

EnergyMaps energy reduction programs follow a proven, four-step methodology which can be tailored to fit your company’s particular situation and needs. Your EnergyMaps program includes:

Step-1: Installation of Eniscope energy monitoring to identify waste

To manage something, you need to be able to measure it. That’s why the first step in our process is to make energy usage totally visible and accessible from a single, intuitive dashboard – however large your portfolio. Easy to install hardware. Intuitive software. Eniscope is invaluable at fully exposing energy waste for all times of the day, week and stages of the production cycle.

Step-2: Discovering the full range of your savings opportunities

EnergyMaps software, Eniscope is invaluable at fully exposing energy waste for all times of the day, week and stages of the production cycle.

Eniscope sub-monitoring & energy management surveys accurately expose the true causes of your energy losses. As a result, highly practical and cost-effective solutions can ne identified. Savings potential is easily & accurately calculated.

We answer the question “What are your options to reduce energy use by 10% now and 30% in 3-5 years”

Step-3: Targeting wasteful behaviours, processes & procedures

Behaviour, process & procedure modifications are some of the most effective and cost efficient waste reduction strategies. And can have a major impact on usage.

Eniscope sub-monitoring delivers actionable information directly into the hands of management in real time. Most often your team will be implementing proven, low cost practices and strategies that can be implemented with a minimum of fuss.

Step-4: Selecting low-cost & risk-free retrofit solutions

A key role of EnergyMaps is to provide energy management & savings advice for senior management, independent of commercial obligations to any suppliers. This advice is based on the hard evidence provided by sub-monitoring.

Your EnergyMaps Engineer will recommend and support the installation of appropriate, low cost technologies which can be trialled & proven prior to broader implementation.

Carefully selected, cutting-edge retrofit solutions ensure you reduce your energy consumption and costs, and maximize operational efficiency.

The EnergyMaps Program identifies all your energy savings opportunities and delivers actionable, cost-effective energy solutions.

Why is EnergyMaps so effective?

Easy to install hardware. Intuitive software. The expertise of independent energy management professionals. We offer the complete, end-to-end solution for energy management.

EnergyMaps systematically tackles the 30-60% of all energy use constantly lost or wasted and provides you with a clear, practical path to achieving full control over, and optimised performance of your key business processes and technology.

Energy Monitoring Services

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"We immediately identified how we could reduce peak demand by at least 22%"
Chief Engineer
Major Queensland manufacturer
“Eniscope highlighted areas of the site which we didn’t realise were the key areas of power drain”
General Manager
Western Suburbs Leagues Club
“For a start, Eniscope has reduced our night hours consumption by 87%”
E-Learning Centre
“We are now convinced that Eniscope is an effective tool which can be used in controlling wasted energy”
Chief Engineer
Holiday Inn
“Eniscope has saved us 38% of our costs which is almost inside a 1-year payback”
Coquina Office Park

Case Studies

Head office’s continuous improvements achieve 52% savings

Food Processor cuts energy use by 24.5% in 11 months with 7 month payback

Manufacturer identifies 20% energy savings in just 3 months, with 6 month payback

Licenced sporting club achieves $27,000 year-1 savings – on track to achieve $1.3M 10 year net benefit

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